Heat Transfer Databook

Heat Transfer Databooks (pdf)
Wolverine Heat Transfer Data book II
Data book discusses basic heat transfer, sensible heat transfer, condensing heat transfer, Trufin tubes in air-cool heat exchangers, and Trufin tubes in boiling heat transfer
by K.J. Bell and A.C. Mueller

Wolverine Heat Transfer Engineering Data book III (pdf)
Written with heat transfer engineers and research engineers who want to review heat transfer design methods for tubular heat exchangers. The data book covers design considerations for enhanced heat exchangers, single-phase shell-side flows & heat transfer, heat transfer to air-cooled heat exchangers, condensation on external surfaces, condensation inside tubes, boiling heat transfer on external surfaces, two phase flow pattern, falling film evaporation, thermodynamics of refrigerant mixtures and refrigerant-oil, void fraction in two-phase flows, post dryout heat transfer, flow boiling and two phase flow of CO2, and two phase flow and boiling in microchannels.
By John R. Thome