Engineering Thermal Innovation for Over a Century

Across Wolverine Tube, we pride ourselves on continuously driving improvement in energy efficiency in a wide range of applications. Our proprietary heat transfer technology supports a number of key industries globally.

Large Commercial Chillers

Our custom-engineered technical tubes have revolutionized the commercial chiller industry. Our innovative copper and copper nickel evaporator tubes provide optimal performance in today’s refrigerants, and our condensing tubes are a key component in improving overall system efficiency.

Refrigeration and HVAC  

refrigeration_appliance1We provide the most advanced copper, aluminum, and copper nickel product offering for the North American HVAC/refrigeration and appliance markets. We are a major supplier of precision-drawn capillary tube, control tube, and high quality fabricated components and assemblies. As demand for high-efficiency increases, we continue to offer the most advanced solutions for heat transfer in HVAC/refrigeration today.

Our customers depend on our industry-leading solutions to support energy efficiency in heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems residential and commercial applications.

Water Heater/Boilers 

water_heaterOur integral, high-finned tubes are used extensively for water heaters, pool heaters and boilers in both residential and commercial applications. Our heat exchanger coils are manufactured with our line of enhanced-surface tube, coiled in a variety of configurations to meet the optimal energy efficiency requirements.

Petrochemical & Geothermal 

Our specialty alloy finned-tube products are ideal for corrosive environments in the refining, chemical processing, and petrochemical industries where efficient heat transfer is critical. Our customers rely on our enhanced-surface tubes to meet their most complex technical challenges.

speciality_marketsWe have expanded our high-performance tube product offering to address the growing demand for geothermal energy as an alternative energy source. We continue to stay on the forefront of supporting the use of geothermal energy worldwide for electrical power generation.

Electronics Cooling

The MicroCool® Division of Wolverine Tube has leveraged its core competencies to engineer new thermal management solutions for the liquid cooling of computer systems and high-performance power electronics.  Our standard and custom cold plate products designed with MDT surface technology provide unsurpassed thermal and pressure drop performance. We offer a host of innovative liquid cooling solutions for thermal engineers around the world. Learn More