Copper Capillary Tube

copper_capillary_tubeWolverine’s capillary tubing is used throughout the refrigeration and air conditioning industry for restriction applications. This tubing is produced in C12200 copper to the hard drawn temper. It is plug-drawn to close tolerances and processed by Wolverine to meet specification ASTM B360, with clarification in regard to end finish and flow testing. Color coding of tube is also available.

Wolverine gives special emphasis to the production of capillary tube with ends that are free of burrs and chips. This is achieved by brush deburring with rotating wire brushes. After the ends are finished, they are examined under an illuminated 3X power magnifier to assure burrs and chips have been removed.

• Alloy C12200
• O.D. range: 0.062” – 0.250”
• I.D. range: 0.010” – 0.120”
• Available in lengths 4” up to 20’