Technical Tube

tech_tubeWolverine pioneered heat transfer and thermal management with its integral surface technical tube in the 1930′s. Its growth has been closely allied to the refrigeration, air conditioning, energy generation, and industrial process markets. Since its early beginnings, Wolverine has held a leading role in the research, development, and production of integral extended surface and enhanced surface products for a wide variety of heat transfer applications.

Our technical tube product offering is available in copper, copper alloys and steel alloys. Learn More

Evaporator Tubes
(Turbo-B, BII, BIII, Turbo-Chil, Turbo-EFF, Turbo EHP, EHPII, Turbo-ELP, ELPII, Turbo-ESP, Turbo-MDHII, Turbo-MDL, MDLII, Turbo-MDL/D, MDL/DII)

Condenser Tubes
(Turbo-C, CII, CIII, Turbo-Chill, Turbo-CSL, Turbo-CSP, Turbo-CSP LT, Turbo-CLF, Turbo-NCT, NCTII, Turbo-MDC)

Specialty Alloys
C70600 and C71500 (Cu Ni), C44300 (Admiralty Brass), K01200 and K01807 (Carbon Steel), S31600 and S30400 (Stainless Steel)

Water Heater / Boiler Tube
(W/H Trufin, H/F Trufin)

(S/T Trufin, E/A Trufin, Turbo-DX)